(She)ill: a poem

Art by Karoline Yesterdaye

Art by Karoline Yesterdaye

The access

They practice to cut me off

Society needs me

But I cannot feed the hologram


If all else fails, someone heard the yell

Insides voice the belly of what’s beneath

Swept the demons of deceit behind closed horrors

Keys open old doors

To the more that is behind she





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Image description:

An abstract painting of a featureless brown face appears on a stark white background. The face is outlined with thick black lines. A white swath cuts through the left side, with a horizontal line where the eye would be. Two black dots are at the bottom on either side. A bronze line cuts horizontally across the top.

About Karoline Yesterdaye:

Film , writing, and mixed media can all come to life and coexist. At least inside the entropic world for 25 year-old Carribean American artist Karoline Yesterdaye ( real name is Khadijah Hope-Moore ). 

Clear hints of minimal approaches to vivid times in her dreams, the current state of the world , and even futuristic ideals yet to be experienced fully. It is apparent that art will always be her medium of expression and depth.