We're here to provide hope
even when it's realistic to feel there is none.

Donations allow us to pay our contributing artists, writers, editors, and facilitators, as well as cover operational fees. Although a majority of our contributors live without financial stability, our healing will not be determined by our scarcity!

For every $1 we raise, QTPoC Mental Health is able to reach five people with healing support and resources. Last year, our Facebook page alone impacted over half a million people.

In addition to publishing original content here on Rest for Resistance, our team also hosts meditations and workshops in NYC and Portland, Oregon. Please contact us (hello@restforresistance.com) if you’d like to collaborate or donate space, wherever you are located.

You can also help by shopping our apparel and by sharing Rest for Resistance with your friends. Thank you for helping us grow our impact!

Photo by @alien8g

Photo by @alien8g


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Photo by @alien8g

Photo by @alien8g

QTPoC Mental Health provides:

  • Private online space for trans & queer people of color to get peer support

  • Facebook & Twitter mental health resources

  • Affirmations on Instagram

  • QTPoC Meditation group, monthly in NYC & Portland

  • Paid opportunities for queer & trans people of color to publish their art and writing on Rest for Resistance

Photo by @alien8g

Photo by @alien8g