QTPoC Meditation:

for LGBTQ2SIA people of color


Meditate with us monthly in the NYC area – and soon also at Q Center in Portland, OR.

Our next one will be at metaDEN in Ridgewood (1814 Bleecker Street):

Sunday, June 2

1 to 3 pm

The DEN is a poc only space that highlights queer trans/gender non conforming creatives of color. We vend products from local artisans, feature visual artists monthly, host events /rituals, offer private sessions from local practitioners, and provide coworking space. We are a gathering place centered on the healing, joy, and growth of our qtpoc community.

NYC Schedule

Sunday, June 1
Facilitator: Deesha Narichania

Sunday, July 21
Facilitator: Vijay Yeeda

Sunday, August 18
Facilitator: Jonas St. Juste

Sunday, September 15
Facilitator: TBA

Sunday, October 20
Facilitator: Maui Villipando of NYC POC Healing Circle

Sunday, November 17
Facilitator: TBA

Sunday, December 15
Facilitator: TBA

QTPoC Meditation is always free to attend.

Consider contributing to Rest for Resistance to help us pay our meditation leaders. We are also in the process of creating guided meditations so you can rest in your vulnerability anywhere, anytime, with affirming mind-body awareness and metta (loving-kindness) practices.



Banner image description: A dark-skinned person with short, curly hair is sitting cross-legged in the water. Their hands rest easefully in their lap, and their eyes are gently closed. Large pink lotus blossoms appear on either side of the person who's meditating. Their shirt has a glowing gold heart on their chest, and there's a faint halo of light around their head. By Weiwei