Untitled Ode to Trauma

Art by Rajesh Saraswati

Art by Rajesh Saraswati


Throughout April, Rest for Resistance is proud to feature writing by LGBTQ+ people of color for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

The following poem contains graphic details of childhood sexual assault (CSA) as experienced by a trans woman of color.

there are different kinds of warzones

like the time i was thirteen and took

a twenty six year old dick

in the park at midnight

and i felt my world torn apart

not unlike the time my cousin

made me touch him at age six

in the family bathroom

but now

now, i feel the deftness of a world

and into it i sleep without sound

so when the few friends i have

will tear themselves away

i remember that i’ve been torn apart before

i remember the time that you told me

to remember where i came from

and where i will go.

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Image description:

An illustrated person is laying on the ground, surrounded by green leaves and yellow and blue flowers. They are crying, eyes closed, with sections of the neck, midsection, arms, legs, and ankles missing, cleanly cut with pink flesh showing. The green leaves cradle them and cover delicate areas.

metal femme.jpg


metal femme is a queer trans south asian artist invested in deconstructing various neocolonial, imperialist traumas through radical healing and love. metal femme is a survivor and an eventual victor. you can find her on twitter @shezdying and instagram @metalfemme and read more of her poetry here on Rest for Resistance.


About Rajesh Saraswati:

Rajesh Saraswati is an illustrator based out of Northern California currently creating comics and apparel. See their art at art-twink.tumblr.com, and follow Art Twink on Instagram and facebook.