End of Year Affirmations

Art by Paulino Mejia

Art by Paulino Mejia

I stopped being a Victim the day I stopped giving people permission to victimize me.

I stopped being a mess the day I started my healing journey.

I stopped being at the mercy of other healers when I began to heal myself.

I became a warrior the day I stood my ground.

I began to feel love for others after I began to feel love for myself.

I became We when We began to heal the same way.

Hope has always existed here, just had to know where to dig to find it in myself.

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Image description:

A still life photograph: In the center of the image a statue made of raw wet clay is surrounded by artifacts of indigenous heritage. To the right of the statue are macaw feathers placed standing up, and to the left of statue are crow feathers. Beneath the statue is a Turkey feather, sacred herbs & stones like cedar smudge sticks, White sage smudge sticks, Tobacco, copal, crystals/stones, flowers, a small ceramic alligator, and a Turtle shell shaker adorn the center piece clay statue; all on top of a bright orange fabric. Behind the clay wet statue and flowers is a Deer hide hand drum.

About Marcy Angeles:

Marcy Angeles is a Two-Spirit Apache Writer, Painter & Musician from Southern New Mexico. Her main Solo Music Project is Allophane, a whimsical Trip Hop outfit. Also - Western Obsidian, an exploration of Trauma placed on her Native American People for generations. She has also composed Shoegazey Noise Rock under the alias Fleurish. Her Artwork has been exhibited across the Borderland. Marcy Angeles’ paintings & poetry have been featured in Barrio Panther Magazine & in the 2017 issue 5 of Parallax Magazine.  Marcy has been one of the many Two Spirits working to restore their place by the Sacred Fire. It is one thing to be Transgender & a whole other to be an Indigenous Transgender Woman. 

About Paulino Mejia:

Paulino Mejia is a Ch'orti Maya artist who lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and has worked with different art mediums throughout their life. Currently, Mejia specializes in ceramics and beadwork; 22 year old Paulino has identified as two spirit for three years now. This identification began after learning how sacred the two spirit identity is to their nation, and to native/indigenous communities through the world.