My Most Beautiful Illusion

Photo by Samay Cajas

Photo by Samay Cajas

I've lied, many times, throughout my life. I've pretended to be stronger, more confident, heroic. In reality, I was terrified of people, terrified they'd see me. I would've not helped me either – it was always easier to pretend being someone else.

I've been at the top and at the bottom; I've made people laugh and also cry, many times at the same time. I've been loved, hated, praised, despised; but even when others reviled me for my mistakes, I was pleased they'd never forget about me, that I was at least guilty of bringing them together even if only against me.

The first time I ran away I must've been 7 or 8, over some candy or not getting something my way, I can't remember anymore. Many nights, I wondered for how long I could keep my lies alive so I could keep a roof over my head. It was fun at the beginning, the allure of being a rebellious child. I'm tired of drama, my own drama, I don't want to fight anymore. But my body is my home: if you want to come in, you must respect my rules.

I've learned my place in the world, at the bottom, where I was born, where I've always felt more at home. I learned a lot of survival tricks along the way. The best tricks are the ones that keep you alive. This is the one I invented for myself to soothe me in my lonely nights. I call it my most beautiful illusion, it's me at my most honest but nonetheless still a lie.

My name is Carolina Brown, this is the woman I am.

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Image description:

The writer, Carolina Brown, is pictured crouching down, two black leather glove-clad hands touching the wooden deck she stands on. She wears red lipstick, a black pleather jacket, black sheer knee-high socks, faded red combat boots, and a black hoodie that's zipped with the hood up over her head. She has medium brown skin and big brown eyes. Behind her are barren trees with just a hint of green leaves.

About Carolina Brown:

Carolina Brown is a Nonbinary Genderfluid Transgender LatinX songwriter, lead singer of the experimental post-rock band I. M. Brown. Writer, spoken word artist, storyteller, fierce advocate for trans visibility and inclusion, Carolina's stories are raw, at times uncomfortable, but nevertheless always human, always beautiful.

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