Horoscopes for Catching Rest in 2018

Art by Rajesh Jyoti Saraswati

Art by Rajesh Jyoti Saraswati

Looking forward to all you will accomplish in the coming year? Don't forget to pencil in plenty of time to rest. Here's when and how to rest in 2018 for each sign.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know, read for your sun and moon. :)


Aries and Scorpio

From June to August. Your chart ruler is retrograde then, so it is more like you’re unable to do anything or start anything! Do not get frustrated, but know that this period is necessary. Playing with others will help you find your natural energy rather so that you’re able to find out what matters to you and what you actually want to do. Go with things rather than against during rest.


Taurus and Libra

October and November. When Venus retrogrades, it is because it is stressed in Scorpio and tries to go home. you’ll stumble upon a social truth, and it’ll be hard to handle. Don’t force yourself to confront it all at once, but take your time and take time off to be alone. You’ll want to go back for a sec so you can see what context this situation came out of in the first place.


Gemini and Virgo

Take a few vacations this year. Take a week or so off in March, end of July, and October. This way, you get to rest when it’s spring, summer, and fall. You need short breaks so that the breaks don’t end up turning into work when you get obsessed with a project. Make it a point to enjoy some restful time to yourself every season.



Every new moon, have a day where you let yourself take it easy and be easy on yourself. You’re a little tender when the moon is new and just need to recuperate. This year, Saturn will be opposite you all year, pressed against you and making you into a specific shape. You’ll need plenty of time to take breaks so you can grow into your shape.



Honestly, Leo, you’re a fixed sign, so your method of rest is simple. Go to the beach and recharge yourself like a battery so you have plenty of energy saved up for when winter comes and the days get shorter. Also, get plenty of sleep every night so that you’re able to thrive in the days. You’re on a solar cycle, which is shorter and also more consistent than other cycles.


Sagittarius and Pisces

From March to July, take a step back and just hang out for a bit. Go on the adventures you want to go on, but don't push yourself too much. You’ll want to just let your mind wander while sitting somewhere. A good, long novel can be a vacation just as much as going anywhere. Pull out those Harry Potter books again and get lost in another world.


Capricorn and Aquarius

From April to September, take care of yourself. It’s hard for you to take a break so, during this time, remember to eat well and sleep well. Make self care a priority or you might find yourself unable to think of what you were “supposed” to do or what the purpose of it all is in the first place. You need to divide your days and night so that your time is organized.


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The background is a starscape of blue, purple, and black. There are two white outlines of a bull for Taurus and scales for Libra. Constellations are marked in white, with black outlines of a fish, goat, and lobster. A planet with wavy lines appears in black.

About Rajesh Jyoti Saraswati:

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