Latent Illness: A Poem

Photo by Deveney White

Photo by Deveney White

Latent illness,
like the fat of pigs; rendered through trauma.
a testament to generational wounds’
affront on nubility

again – a try at cyclic repetition
away from things
all else –
I've found myself
in a

the people there
with no faces
and no depth

whisper only
through slits
and no-mouths

feet: bloody.

awash with
grand, desperation

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Image description:

A Black person with a short 'fro is outside, naked, back to the camera. They are facing a thicket with wayward branches and leaves. Their right arm is outstretched.

About Deveney White:

Atlanta-based agender/queer photographer who specializes in natural, ephemeral, timeless moments. Lover of the cornflower blue crayon, 90s culture, Lisa Frank, and social justice/human rights. They daydream frequently and play the ukulele. Follow @deveneywhite on Instagram.

About N.F. Stratton:

N.F. Stratton is an American writer that explores aspects of pain correlated with the Human condition. Stratton most often toes the line between romance/love and malignant obsession as a means of highlighting one of the greater Human tragedies.