General Consensus & Healthy Debate

Art By Quilapiza Sorimpt

Art By Quilapiza Sorimpt

The General Consensus is “ We just need someone to Hate “ 

They’ll Gaslight a Victim & call it Healthy Debate

They’ll show support in Numbers to make sure that it hurts

Spite you in Numbers & treat you like dirt

People you haven’t heard from in years backing hate statements to make the message Overt

Insinuate that we’re Insane when we say how much it hurts

It is more than just a bathroom safety issue or competing in Sports

It is masking their hatred as kindness in Social Distort

They’ll throw out any other issue to which Society could Tend

As a fleeting Effort to not treat us like any other Human 

If it was really about safety from Hostile Men

They’d call out their Priests or inappropriate behavior by their Cisgender Male Friends 

They’ll talk Native issues so it seems like they care 

But LGBTQ2S issues are Native issues because we’ve always been here

We’ve been healing our Communities since Time Immemorial 

We are still using our Medicine when we’ll soon see our Burials

And when we participate in Callout Culture, they’ll call it a Toxic Decision 

But we’re just looking for support in The Court of Public Opinion 

The Road to Human Dignity is a Lonely Road with no Rest

It is a lifetime of walking through The Valley of The Shadow of Death 

But go ahead and be an Edgelord at our Expense

Then praise the Lord on Sundays to look good in your Own Defense 

Invoke the word of God to justify your Hate

Invoke the word of God & Call it Healthy Debate 

A Spiritual Person has a love for all Beings 

A Spiritual Person uses their Spirit for Seeing. 

So the next time you use that same tongue to talk of Depression

When you mourn another friend as you walk in Procession 

Remember that sometimes you contributed to the suffering of another

Ask yourself if you have the same capacity of love for a Stranger that you do for your Brother. 

We are Human Beings trying to Survive in a World that wants us Erased

Even I as a Native Two Spirit, a survivor of Natives Displaced. 

But why waste my words when they’re just Dust in The Air?

A Soft Breeze that dilutes the Strength of my Despair.

written by Marcy Angeles


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About Marcy Angeles:

Marcy Angeles is a Two-Spirit Apache Writer, Painter & Musician from Southern New Mexico. Her main Solo Music Project is Allophane, a whimsical Trip Hop outfit. Also - Western Obsidian, an exploration of Trauma placed on her Native American People for generations. She has also composed Shoegazey Noise Rock under the alias Fleurish. Her Artwork has been exhibited across the Borderland. Marcy Angeles’ paintings & poetry have been featured in Barrio Panther Magazine & in the 2017 issue 5 of Parallax Magazine.  Marcy has been one of the many Two Spirits working to restore their place by the Sacred Fire. It is one thing to be Transgender & a whole other to be an Indigenous Transgender Woman. 

About Quilapiza:

Quilapiza Sorimpt is a two-spirited mother of the Colville Confederated Tribes in what's now called Washington state. You can follow her on IG: @quilapiza1982.


Image Description: Quilapiza Sorimpt’s Self Portrait.

A self portrait of an Indigenous person of color; she stares deeply into the camera, their makeup creates geometric symbols of resistance that adorn her face. From top to bottom: White dots are placed above her eyebrows that are arched by the creator herself, two white stripes run down the left side of her face, and over her eye, with small red dots in between, and a white soft rounded square is placed under her lips, with red dots surrounding the shape. Her rainbow eyeshadow completely surrounds her eyes and sharp winged eyeliner, as well as stripes in the formation of Pride Rainbow flag runs horizontally from one side of her face to the other, arching over her nose. Quilapiza is wearing a multi colored beaded ear-ring on her left ear.