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Throughout April, Rest for Resistance is proud to feature writing for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The following content is related to sexual violence and processing trauma.

Art by Priyanka Meenakshi

Art by Priyanka Meenakshi

i’m learning.
how to piece back together
how to kiss
how to love again
how to trust
and how to float.
tell me time and space will grow
and the room won’t feel so small
my lungs; they’ll release
let me rediscover my rhythm, and then
my eyes will stop guessing
who everyone really is
when their gaze crosses mine.

Image description:

An illustration shows a large-bodied brown person floating in vivid blue water. The person is naked, revealing stretch marks and body hair. They have long black hair that flows behind them in the water. 

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About Vibhaa Dhanda:

Vibhaa is a politics student in the UK, but also briefly went on exchange in Canada. She finds it cathartic to write poetry and short personal essays. Her main interests are social research, community activism and local charity. In her free time, she enjoys cooking (though she's too scared to cook for anyone else), admiring people's makeup and catching up with her friends.


About Priyanka Meenakshi:

Priyanka Meenakshi is a writer and artist based in Bristol. She currently illustrates for gal-dem. See more of their work at & @priyankameenakshi on Instagram.