We Can’t be Complete all the Time

Art by Lottie

Art by Lottie

CW: Emotional abuse.


is a word many haven't been taught

shut up and take it

my mom would say

when i’d get screamed at and blamed for things i didn't do

body language

is how i speak

gets my message of no through

when it's hard to move my teeth

but it's confusing men whine

b/c i didn't hear a no

how is it that you can see a yes

when she wants it

but you choose to not see a no


you're caught

you know how to tell if she means no

verbal or non

body language

don't you understand

that b/c of your position in this world

it's your duty as a man

to make sure that if you don't

you confirm that you understand

What. Is. Consent?!



Be vulnerable

Speaking your truth

Even when it shaves your soul


Leaves your heart in tears

Sheds your fear in pieces

Peels your secrets open

It feeds your spirit strength and sometimes breaks it whole

We can’t be complete all the time

Even the moon

Has cycles


I’m here but not there

All the way

everywhere and nowhere

On earth spaced out

Sadness and depression

Hitting like a tidal wave

Then disappearing

Sometimes as fast as it came

But i'm stuck here

In the sorrow and pain

Physical, mental, emotional.

It hurts in different ways

Lottie are you there?


But never present all the way

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Image Description:

There are four arms on fire, covered with shapes and text that reads: DON’T TOUCH ME,” in red on each arm. The hands on each arm have sharp black nails, with stars that rest on each fingertip. Under the arms, there is a text that reads, “BOUNDARIES,” in red.

About Lottie:

Lottie is a Queer Non-binary artist who uses poetry and art as a coping mechanism, art has ultimately helped them process their experiences as a survivor. Lottie uses they, them, and theirs pronouns.