Intersectional Mental Health Directory:

an invaluable resource in the making

We are building a massive archive of existing resources that address mental health through the lens of POC, trans, queer, disabled trauma survivors, and others living at intersections of oppression.

We want to put everything that represents our experiences healing at the margins of society in one place, easy to search so you can find exactly what speaks to your emotional needs and research interests. While Rest for Resistance will create original content, we also want to honor the wisdom that's already been shared and is accessible to us.

This directory will be particularly useful for queer & trans people of color (QTPoC), yet will also represent everyone who currently feels left out of existing emotional support systems, as well as those who are learning how to help. Click here to view a small start to this directory, a window into the powerful potential of rounding up these links in one place.

Please donate so that we can get this directory live and continue to grow it as a free, easy-to-access healing resource available online.



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