We view Pride Month as a time where QTPoC can celebrate and find pride in the ways we have survived oppression, continue to survive, talk about our struggles and needs, and build support networks that believe that we can combat isolation.

Proud2Rest (P2R) is a Pride Month initiative by Rest for Resistance to connect the concept and history of Pride with mental health as it pertains to queer and trans people of color and other folks that find themselves at the margins.

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Proud2Rest makes transparent the heart of Rest for Resistance’s mission and work: that for queer and trans people of color, rest is a form of resistance and that resistance is a framework of mutual support and care for folks like us.

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We're building a community of supporters that finds Pride in redistributing money to queer and trans folks, folks of color, disabled folks, and other people in the margins. It is difficult to feel proud in a society that devalues and invisibilizes our issues, our mental health, and our lives. But we believe that pride, like power, is built through community.

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We're here to provide hope

. . . even when it's realistic to feel there is none.


The Rest for Resistance family strives to uplift marginalized communities, those who rarely get access to adequate health care or social support. It's difficult to connect with help in a crisis because of barriers to health care access, the overwhelming lack of affirming mental health providers, poverty & inadequate resources.